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Party + Concert
* Headliner EverClear *
to benefit Roc Solid Foundation

From Baggy jeans and halter tops to chokers and chains, furbys and chia pets to Game Boy and Golden eye... the 90s were just a better time.But we are bringing it back- even if it is just for one night! 


The Gala 417 presents: 

Bring Back the ‘90s, A Raging Fundraiser for Roc Sold Foundation with Billboard Top Hits Headliner; EverClear!

Party all night long right along side the famous rockers with hits like Santa Monica, Wonderful and Father of Mine!



This Raging Fundraiser is guaranteed to bring back all the nostalgic memories with snap-worthy sets at every turn! 


VIP Tickets are all inclusive which include vip access to within arms reach of stage, butler passed lunchables, dunkaroos, gushers, bagel bites, filet mignon, shrimp cocktail; Surge inspired Cocktails, kool-aid cocktails, Yoo-hoos, Zima, Mad Dog 20/20, wine coolers and More!

General Admission Tickets Include access to all the Hors D’oeuvres and a Cash Bar!


90’s attire is required!


All proceeds will go to the Roc Solid Foundation, a locally created organization that has grown nationwide. This group goes above and beyond to brighten the days of children with childhood cancer. An information booth and donation box will be available at the event if you would like to learn more information! 


Come party with EVERCLEAR, reminisce on the good ole days and make some memories! This will be better than going to Blockbuster on a Friday night!


We will also have a silent auction with cool 90s memorabilia such as, signed Pulp Fiction VHS, Rare beanie babies, Michael Jordan rookie card, and more!