Frequently Asked Questions 

  if there is anything else you have a question regarding do not hesitate to reach out! 

                   we are currently working on this page so please reach out to us! 

Where do I start?


First, we recommend booking a tour so you can come take a look at our beautiful venue in person to see if it's the perfect fit for you!  After deciding if The Gala is the venue for your big day then you would send an email to with your full name and the date you would like to book for your wedding.  

what time can vendors make deliveries or begin setting up?

11 a.m. 

do we have to get liability insurance?

not required, but recommended 

Can I do outside catering? 

We do require that all food and beverage is prepared by our in-house catering team! This helps to ensure that all your guests receive their plates straight from the oven and allows us to guarantee freshness and deliciousness! Every client receives a complimentary tasting with our executive chef allowing you to make sure the food is prepared to your liking!

how many people can the venue hold? 


what are the measurements of the greenery wall?

12 ft X 12 ft 

is the green wall customizable? 

Yes, and we will install complementary!  

what outside vendors do i need to hire? 

Officiant, Baker, DJ, Florist, Photographer 

when do i need my final headcount? 

10 days before wedding at blueprint meeting 

can i bring in my own decor? 

Yes, and we can take them and set them up to your liking! 

can i have real candles? 


can i have a sparkler exit? 


how much parking is available? 

at least 3 lots worth of parking 

can we take photos on the marina? 

Yes, it is encouraged 

do we have to designate someone to clean up at the end of the event?

No, we take care of everything regarding set up, take down, and clean up 

is there a cake cutting fee?  do you set up the cake? 

No fee, and yes we set it all up to your liking! 

do you have decorations we can rent? 

Yes, we have a rental collection that you can look through and rent items from for the day of 

what decorations are included?



what kinds of tables do you have?  

Round, banquet, and sweetheart tables 

do you have a table for my dj?


what linens do you include? 

Our in house black and white linens are included 

what kinds of chairs are included? 


do you have a sweetheart table? 


do you include a ceremony arch? 


do you have a preferred vendor list? 


is a day-of-coordinator included? 


what will the day-of-coordinator do the day of the wedding? 

as coordinators we manage your minute by minute timeline from the moment of your arrival all the way until after your departure when packing up belongings and making prepared for pick up.  we also manage the BP for wedding that includes where all of your décor is placed, set up, and displayed. 

when are my payments due? 

50% of rental is due at booking, remaining 50 is due 90 days after booking, all catering costs are billed monthly 

can i customize my menu for food or beverage?  


can i have a buffet? 

We exclusively offer plated dinners to ensure all of your guests receive their meals fresh, and hot from the oven and are able to enjoy their dinner together 

how do i relay what entrée each of my guests selected?   

we highly recommend creating a wedding website where guests will rsvp with their selections, most wedding platforms will help organize and create these kind of spreadsheets and templates 

how will your servers know what entrée each guest selected? 

we ask that you provide place cards for guests that include name, table number, and entree selection 

how many entree selections are included in your meal packages? 

four entrees are included for your guests to choose from 

are hors d'oeuvres included? 


do we get time to come in for rehearsal?

Yes, rehearsals are included with all facility rentals, the time and date of the rehearsals vary  

what is your cancellation policy? 

All dates are fully transferable for any reason with no penalty.  Due to this flexibility or date transference we do not offer refunds.   

can we bring in our own alcohol?


can we have a cash bar?

One of our four beverage packages must be selected for all events.  Our cash bar is available for premium items upon clients approval.   

is there a price difference if we do not have a ceremony? 

Ceremony's are included with rentals at no additional charge.  If no ceremony is held on site there will be a 20% discount on the rental cost of the venue  

do you have seasonal rates?

We do not offer seasonal rates, but our rates do vary by day of the week. 

can you perform a ceremony outdoors? 

Although we do not have the space outside to host an outdoor ceremony, there are many places along our marina to take beautiful outdoor photos!!


If you still wanted to have an outdoor ceremony, we are less than a mile from the beach, Seashore State Park and The Brock Center! Your guests would be able to attend your outdoor ceremony and then come to the Gala 417 for Cocktail Hour + Reception! If you do opt for an off-site ceremony, you would actually get a 20% discount on our Rental Cost!

What can I do with place cards for my guests? 

 The place cards can be displayed in the lounge during cocktail hour. Most guests will grab them on their own, but we will also ask the DJ to make an announcement towards the end of cocktail hour for everyone to make sure they have located their place card. Then, once the dinner curtains swoop open, guests will find their table, select their own seat at the table and then put their place card at the head of their place setting.




 A seating chart with only table numbers and names can be displayed during cocktail hour. Again, most guests will find their name, but we will ask the DJ to make an announcement. 

What does the "417" stand for? 

The 417 in our name is an honor of our owner, Amberly Ferguson's, brother, Austin Michael Rinehart; in loving memory.