Layout Options 

A few of our favorite layouts!  

Expert Tip: Banquet tables can seat 3 guests on either side for a total of 6 guests for every 6ft of long tables

Round tables can seat up to 10 guests maximum.

*Custom layouts are always allowed and welcomed! 

*All of these layouts are fully customizable to suit your specific needs! 

Entire Floorplan Layout.PNG

------------Dance Floor----------

Ballroom Layout A: 

Accommodates up to 122 guests 

Layout Option B_edited.jpg

Ballroom Layout C: 

Accommodates up to 154 guests

Layout C_edited.jpg

Ballroom Layout E: 

Accommodates up to 182 guests

Layout E.PNG

Ballroom Layout G: 

Accommodates up to 144 guests

Layout H.PNG

Ballroom Layout I: 

Accommodates up to 170 guests

Layout M.PNG

Ballroom Layout K: 

Accommodates up to  128 guests

Layout K.2.PNG

Ballroom Layout M: 

Accommodates up to ~150 guests

Layout M.2.PNG

 Ballroom Layout O: 

Accommodates up to ~160 guests

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 4.18.01 PM.png

Ballroom Layout B: 

Accommodates up to 113 guests

Layout Option C_edited.jpg

Ballroom Layout D: 

Accommodates up to 152 guests

layout option D.PNG

Ballroom Layout F: 

Accommodates up to 122 guests

option g.PNG

Ballroom Layout H: 

Accommodates up to 164 guests

Layout K.PNG

Ballroom Layout J: 

Accommodates up to 186 guests

Layout N.PNG

Ballroom Layout L: 

Accommodates up to ~132 guests

Layout L.2.PNG

 Ballroom Layout N: 

Accommodates up to ~182 guests

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 1.13.10 PM.png

 Ballroom Layout P: 

Accommodates 206 guests

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 2.54.09 PM.png

Ceremony Layout Options- 

Round Ceremony Layout:


Accommodates for up to 150 guests 

Wedding parties would line up along the back wall and couple would get married in the center! 

round ceremony layout.PNG

Customary Ceremony Layout:


Each row can hold up to 8 guests and there can be up to 12 rows!

ceremony layout.PNG